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Tired of hearing from other so-called "grant writers/consultants" that they will only review what you write? Especially if you don't know what to write in the first place? provides a variety of grant services, including finding funding opportunities, assistance with problem definition, developing project solutions, application writing or review, and award grant administration. For further information, please send an email to


Grant Seminars

"Very good presentation. Brian was comfortable with the material and delivered it well. He offered solutions as well as inside knowledge of the grant process. I am amazed with the handouts and resources he provided."

Chief Bett Clark - Bernalillo County Fire & Rescue
Attended IAFC-Southwest Conference Presentation

Grant Writing 500
You know the basics, now it's time for the Master's Degree

You can learn the basics anywhere: other seminars, books, magazines, and even on the Internet. But who will show you what you need to do to be successful with YOUR grant?'s unique seminar format maximizes your time by providing the most specific information about your situation than any other seminar on the market. By limiting the number of attendees more time can be spent analyzing the actual applications instead of talking about generalities. This format will benefit both individual department projects, as well as addresses regional concerns.

A listing of scheduled seminars is posted HERE.

All attendees receive a comprehensive Project Strength Analysis as part of the seminar package. This analysis will give attendees the pros and cons of each type of eligible project to help them make application decisions.

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